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Chinese New Year Cake (Neen Gow)

Category: Desserts

Serves: 6 people

Preparing time: 00:00

Cooking time: 00:00


20 red Chinese dates

500g glutinous rice flour

5 slabs brown sugar (peen tong)

400ml water

1 tsp vegetable oil

2 large eggs

Cooking Method

Step 1

Place dates in a bowl and cover with boiling water, allow to soak for 10 minutes and when dates are soft chop or blitz in a food processor.

Step 2

Bring half the water to a boil and add the slab sugar, reduce heat and bubble gently to melt sugar.

Step 3

Allow sugar syrup to cool and add cold water to make up to 400ml.

Step 4

Place glutinous rice flour and chopped dates into a bowl, add sugar syrup and mix well.

Step 5

Pour into an oiled cake tin and cook in a steamer for 1 hour, allow cake to cool completely and refrigerate overnight.

Step 6

Slice cake into 1cm slices, dip into beaten egg and fry in a non stick frying pan until slices turn brown.

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