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Thai Salad

Som Tam is traditionally made with thinly sliced, raw, green papaya. However, as this ingredient is only available in specialist grocers we have replaced the papaya with sliced apples and carrots.

Tom Yum Soup

This is a very traditional spicy and sour Thai soup. It is best made using fresh ingredients and also works well with prawns. If you can’t find Thai Basil, regular Basil will work well also.

Thai Son in Law Eggs

This is a popular homely dish prepared in many Thai households, in many cases, to cater for unexpected guests at mealtimes. It is quick and easy to prepare and delicious in it simplicity. Many supermarkets sell whole dried chillies but if unobtainable, fresh red chillies are a good substitute.

Spicy Thai Noodle Soup

There are many versions of this ever popular street food but the vital ingredients are; good quality stock, lime juice, chillies and fresh herbs to garnish. A meal in a bowl, this recipe is quick and easy to prepare using a Tom Yum soup base. Recipe is for one so do double quantities if cooking … Continued

Pad Thai

Phad Thai (or Pad Thai) is a popular “street” food dish available all over Thailand, now enjoyed around the world. Do drizzle a little water in the wok while cooking the noodles as this dish is meant to be slightly moist.

Thai Spicy Sweet and Sour Fish (Sam Rod)

This is a refreshing dish with a combination of contrasting flavours. Sam Rod literally means spicy, sweet and sour (three tastes). Do replace whole fish with fish steaks if preferred. If fish such as cod is used, we suggest it be pan fried instead.

Thai Spicy Pork Stir-fry

This is a relatively dry dish that is quick to prepare and cook and would make a good accompaniment to another curry. Please note that red curry paste is salty so do taste the food before adding salt or fish sauce. Although sweet Thai basil is used traditionally, normal basil is a good substitute.

Thai Yellow Curry with Chicken

The ingredients in this curry (lemon grass, shrimp paste, etc) are similar to those used in Malaysia and Indonesia. Cooking with coconut milk results in a rich, creamy curry but replace with water if you are concerned about calories. This recipe uses 2 large chicken breasts but double the ingredients if you are going to … Continued

Prawns with Thai Red Curry Sauce

Kaffir lime leaves combined with red curry paste, give this dish a distinctive aroma and flavour. As it is a relatively dry dish, we suggest that it is served with another, more watery curry, perhaps a green chicken curry. Prawns may be replaced with a firm white fish which has been lightly pan-fried.