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Vegetable Festive Potstickers

These festive themed potstickers are a great starter or snack and the warm winter spices are sure to warm you up in the winter months.

Ants Climbing Trees Noodles

The noodles in this dish are bean thread noodles, sometimes called cellophane noodles. These noodles are made from mung bean starch and are gluten-free. When cooked these soft, slippery noodles absorb the flavours of the dish, in this case chilli bean paste, garlic and ginger – a delicious combination! Cooked with minced pork this Szechuan … Continued

Beef Hor Fan

A combination of tender beef fillet cooked in oyster and soya sauces, ginger and spring onions served on a bed of lightly fried flat rice noodles. The delicious sauce in this dish is thickened with cornflour which coates and flavours the noodles. A Chinese kitchen tip of adding a little bicarbonate of soda to the … Continued

Beef and Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

The subtle combination of ginger, oyster sauce and broccoli has made this a family favourite. Do remember to blanch the broccoli first. Vegetarians may substitute beef with oyster or 57g dried Chinese mushrooms (soaked in hot water).