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Very much in vogue, sushi need not be a daunting meal to make. Use ingredients like avocado, cucumber, smoked salmon and tuna if you do not like the idea of raw fish. If the idea of rolling sushi does not appeal, just lay out the ingredients on a platter and place fillings on top.

Hand Moulded Sushi

No need to roll up sushi when making this hand moulded version with tuna. When buying tuna it should be the freshest fish you can buy and of sushi quality. Eat immediately and discard any leftovers. Serve with Japanese soya sauce, which is slightly sweeter than Chinese soya sauce.

Japanese Gyoza

Small part pan-fried, part steamed these little dumplings are sometimes known as gyoza. This is a family favourite and it is served with two dipping sauces – a chilli sauce and light soya sauce. You will need a flat skillet or frying pan with a tight fitting lid.