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Hand Moulded Sushi

Category: Starters

Serves: 3 people

Preparing time: 00:00

Cooking time: 00:00


330g Japanese rice

375ml water

60ml rice vinegar

1 tspz sugar

2 tsp mirin

Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)

Pickled ginger

Wing Yip Light Soya Sauce OR Kikkoman Soya Sauce

Pinch of salt

sheets of seaweeed (nori)

170g fresh tuna (thinly sliced)

Cooking Method

Step 1

Rinse the rice 3 times in cold running water and drain. Place into a lidded saucepan and add 375ml cold water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 2 minutes. Reduce to lowest heat possible, cover with tight fitting lid and cook until water is absorbed. Allow rice to stand, covered, for a further 5 minutes.

Step 2

Mix rice vinegar, mirin, salt and sugar to make up sushi vinegar.

Step 3

Spread cooked rice in a large mixing bowl or baking tray and fold in the vinegar a little at a time, you might not need to use all the vinegar. Stop adding vinegar if rice starts to become mushy.

Step 4

Work in a cool room - the idea is to cool down the rice as quickly as possible without handling it too much.

Step 5

Wet fingers with water and place a small amount of rice(about 1 Tbsp) in one hand.

Step 6

Gently squeeze sushi rice into a small sausage shape.

Step 7

Smooth a little wasabi onto the rice and place a slice of tuna on the top. This is optional as wasabi can be served separately.

Step 8

Press sushi into shape and place onto a plate.

Step 9

Continue making sushi until all ingredients have been used up.

Step 10

If you have any nori seaweed, cut into strips and wrap around the sushi.

Step 11

To serve: Serve sushi preferably with light Japanese soya sauce (which is slightly sweeter than Chinese soya sauce), more wasabi (Japanese horseradish) and pickled ginger.

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