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Inchi Kabin

I have only eaten this style of fried chicken in Penang and suspect it is Nonya in origin. The nonyas and babas are indigenous to the Straits Settlements of Penang, Malacca and Singapore and have their own cuisine which is mix of Chinese and Malay. This recipe uses a simple combination of three ingredients with … Continued

Brahim’s Creamy Malaysian Curry

This recipe uses a ready to cook sauce which contains all the ingredients you need to make this delicious curry from Malaysia.Traditionally, this curry has a thin sauce and it is a perfect curry to serve with dry curry such as a rendang. Feel free to replace chicken with fish if you wish but remember … Continued

Malaysian Beef Rendang

This is a dry curry where the spices coat the meat which has been cooked until it falls apart. Easy to prepare because all the ingredients you will need are in the packet. I added a chopped onion but this is optional. Beef or lamb give the best results but feel free to use chicken … Continued

Hokkien Mee

This Hawker noodle dish from Singapore and Malaysia is cooked in a broth made from prawns and pigs tails. As you may encounter problems obtaining pigs tails from your local supermarket I have replaced them in this recipe with spare ribs.

Dollee Malaysian Curry Laksa

Be absolutely creative with the recipe! Try a variety of noodles or even pasta. Top noodles with different roast meats, blanched seafood and vegetables.  Garnish with mint leaves, parsley or fried shallots for different elements of flavours. Squeeze in half a lime into each bowl for a delicious tanginess.  Spice Level: for a milder curry, simply … Continued

Dollee Malaysian Chicken Curry

Everyone’s favourite Chicken Curry is so easy to enjoy at home with DOLLEE’s Chicken Curry Paste. Just add chicken, potatoes and coconut milk to savour this Pan Asian favourite.