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Thai Red Duck Curry

A popular dish for a special occasion, this curry is quick to prepare because it is made with roasted duck. Unusual additions of sweet lychees and cherry tomatoes counteract the richness of the duck meat and curry gravy. Feel free to use pineapple instead of lychees if preferred.

Duck in Plum Sauce with Lychees

Plum sauce and duck are a perfect marriage which is enhanced further with the addition of lychees in this dish, for that special occasion. Duck, when cooked in a Chinese household, is always served well done, but of course you may cook it to your preference.

Pan Fried Duck on Sesame Noodles

Rice noodles can sometimes taste a little bland but the addition of Wing Yip Ginger and Spring Sauce complements the duck. Lightly toasted sesame seeds and wilted watercress add crunch and flavour.

Kung Po Glazed Duck

A different way to roast duck, the sweetness of the sauce and the tartness of the mango salsa complement the duck. Left over duck can be made into a salad or wraps.

Devil Curry

What do you do with left over Christmas turkey and ham. This spicy family favourite is very versatile and is suitable for any left over meat – roast turkey, ham, beef and pork – even chipolata sausages. A mixture of different meats can be used together.

Crispy Aromatic Duck

<p>Crispy duck is served with Chinese pancakes, shredded spring onions, cucumber and Hoisin sauce. Some restaurants serve this dish with Plum sauce as an alternative.</p>

Hoisin Duck Wraps

This is a good way to use up left over take away roast duck. Tortilla wraps are now sold in most supermarkets. A nice lighter option full of oriental flavour. Alternatively, traditional pastry pancakes are available from Wing Yip stores in frozen form