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Mock Pomegranate

Here we use an ingredient not normally found in Western desserts – water chestnuts. Unusual and delicious it is suitable for people on a gluten or lactose free diet. Treat coconut milk as you would fresh cream.

Bananas in Coconut Milk

This is a typical Thai dessert. Choose bananas that are not too ripe as they need to hold their shape after cooking. This simple dessert is traditionally eaten warm, and sometimes as a snack. Remember to treat coconut milk as you would fresh milk or cream and refrigerate any that is left over. The addition … Continued

Fresh Fruit Jellies

This selection of jelly has been made up with low sugar fruit juices. Suitable for children, especially if jelly is made from fresh fruit juices and grated vegetables or fruit. Some juices such as pineapple, fig, mango, peach and papaya will not set as they contain enzymes which break down the gelling ability of agar.